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Balloons Clicker


Balloons Clicker - addictive arcade game, suitable for all age categories of users! The main objective of the game is the destruction of the balloons which appear on the screen of your device on the right side, moving to the left,clicking on them. You earn coins by exploding balls, which you can spend on improving your skills, which will appear in the game at the time of its passage! Their list includes additional features such as: slowdown, explosion of all Dead Balloons, as well as double points! Try yourself in the race for the reaction of the ability to blow up balloons without improvements, but if you have difficulty all the improvements you can buy without spending real money. In our game, the lack of internal gaming purchases!Compete with your friends!Features Balloons clicker:* Game in English.* The idea of the game and the style of her writing invented by our developers.* There is a shop improvements for easier passing game.* The game is completely free.* The game is available without registration.* It would have been add services Google Play Games after a certain number of downloads soon.* No internal game purchases.* Frequent updates of the game, improved graphics and adding new features.
The player is given a field where there is definitely a growing speed of balloons, on which you have to click. At the time of the game for the passage of the heavier will jump Dead Balloons, which can not be touched because they take your life. As each missed ball takes the life of -1, green balls with the inscription "X2" can double your points.
For each burst balloon you are given a 0.5 game coins. That is, the more balls you touch, the richer you will become.
Balloon - a toy, often made of latex. Correct to say "inflatable" ball, because it is inflated with air or another gas (eg., Helium, is not recommended due to inflated hydrogen explosion). If your gas is lighter than air, the ball gains the ability to fly (balloons, inflated with air, do not fly). Mainly used for holiday decoration, as well as in aeronautics (let go of the ball indicates the direction of the wind) and meteorology (see. Weather balloons). Tail balloon, through which it is inflated, called Puck.
Most balloons have the shape of an ellipsoid of revolution. Other common forms are the heart, is especially popular for Valentine's Day, spirals, bean, rabbit, bird, horse, flower donut , as well as the long ellipsoid, colloquially called "sausage", which means kinks can be shape dog, rings and other complex shapes.In spite of the variety of forms, balloons still called balls, although their form does not always have a spherical shape. Design elements of balloons can be quite varied.
History of balloon this is just beginning. Over time, the balloon is increasingly developing in our time, and games with them are becoming more popular, pleasing, both small and adults.
Our group VKontakte support the game Balloons Clicker: the game and pastime. Amaze your friends with your quick reaction in bursting balloons.